About Coronavirus

Public Service Announcement from Valli spa

About Coronavirus

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Relatively to the latest media National and International news about the spread of COVID 19 in Italy and the consequences occured on economical and productive activities, we would like to inform you that the company VALLI SPA is regularly open and at work.

Valli SPA is situated in a province, Forlì Cesena, and in a region, Emilia Romagna, where there have been not many cases of infection and nobody within VALLI staff has been infected by COVID 19.

The Company VALLI SPA has adopted all the necessary safety precautions following the instructions of the Italian Government (expressed through the Department of Health, Higher Institue of Health, OMS as well as Regional and local administrations) in order to prevent any threat of infection; consequently Valli’s staff has been informed as to all the procedures to follow.

We would like to thank all the people who have already got in contact with us to ask information about the health of Valli’s employees and about the ongoing activity of our Company.

We will update you on the development of the present situation.