Removal of manure

All VALLI state-of-the-art equipment is designed to remove manure by conveyor belt.
Each tier of the colonies or cages has a 1 mm thick polypropylene belt for the Pullet, Laying hens and Breeders equipment, while that of the Broilers is 1.2 mm thick.
The belt is supported by concave profile lateral crossbars.
A geared motor for each tier and belt is connected directly to the driving roller with no transmission chain present.
From the conveyor belts of the equipment the manure is carried outside by means of PVC and rubber horizontal, tilted conveyors for all runs; these may be used even in extreme climatic conditions. All models of equipment for Pullets, Laying and Breeders are also available in a version with PVC drying pipes situated on each tier, in the centre of the equipment, for drying of the manure while on the belts.
One or more centrifugal fans channel the air to the PVC pipes and then onto all the belts under the cages or colonies. The air can be taken in from inside or outside the shed or mixed, thanks to a system of staggered shutters.

In addition to drying the manure, the air coming out of the holes makes the environment healthier, thus improving the birds’ welfare.
The system partially dries the manure to a proportion of roughly 35%.
To achieve approximately 80% drying, Valli can provide the VALLI T.E. drying tunnel.
This multi-tier system comprises of perforated belts that are loaded with uniform layers of manure and dried using exhaust air from some of the fans that are normally used for ventilating the shed.
A similar performance can be guaranteed by alternative high-performance systems for the partial drying of chicken manure, such as ventilation units with heat exchangers and compact external dryers.