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The studies carried out since 1999 by the Valli group on enriched colonies, in compliance with the relevant European directive, have enabled us to develop and test the “Space Colony” project which aims to create the best possible habitat for birds as regards enrichment accessories. Hence, we have created the models with the NEST at the BACK, as the standard design, and the NEST in the FRONT to shorten the run out of eggs and improve the cleanliness and quality of the shell.

In addition, Valli has patented an ADDITIONAL FEED TROUGH in the colony which makes it possible to dispense feed on the litter to enable birds to peck their food and to provide extra feeding space for more hens per colony. This provides the ideal solution to reduce running and maintenance costs, while decreasing mortality.

This is available with or without the pipe for drying manure, without any increase in the size of the equipment. The contact between the eggs is reduced to a minimum with the belt movement and egg saving system being programmed.
The egg belts are 100 or 140 mm wide according to the type of colony.
Valli proposes a very wide-range of models to cover all possible requirements and each product is custom designed to meet the Client’s needs.