Egg collection

In all the equipment for LAYING HENS and BREEDERS, the eggs roll down a floating floor
in wire-mesh with a slope of 6.5 – 7 degrees to the egg channels.
The self-cleaning egg belt supports are supplied as standard, while there is an optional cleaning system that will deliver a jet of air that is channelled over the eggs. In addition to the baffle for egg protection it is also possible to install a baffle-wire and the egg-stop wire.

There are two systems designed for egg collection:
Is a simple and ensures the cleanliness of the eggs thanks to a single transfer:
from the conveyor belts directly to the rod conveyor.
This rod conveyor is lifted and accurately positioned on the collection tier. An optional variable-frequency drive enables you to change the speed of the belts.

This comprises a series of mini CONVEYORS that carry the eggs to the rod baskets of the elevators and separate those with a soft shell and synchronise their transfer onto the carriers.

The level of the conveyors can be pre-set according to the Client’s needs.
It is also possible to perform collection on tables positioned directly on the elevators.

The egg transporters are available in varying widths according to required flow rates.  Covers are provided for outside transport sections.