• Length of each module:2900 mm (114 3/16″)
  • Maximum ratio between usable area, feeding space and perches
  • Drinking lines in front of each nest
  • All the usable area on the system in wire mesh with manure belt underneath
  • The workforce has an excellent overview and easy inspection of the system thanks to the sturdy and walkable first floor panel for intensive daily use
  • The floors are in staggered terraces to facilitate the movement of the animals between the various levels, thanks also to mobile and self-supporting perches
  • Perfect location of feeding and drinking to stimulate the movement of the hens through the floors without blocking the access to the laying nest
  • Inspection trolleys on the nests side to inspect the top floor in total safety
  • Automatic expeller of the hens from the nest with gearbox motor and rocking function
  • The back of the nest can be lifted manually for a quick inspection and cleaning of the nest. This also maintenance within the system
  • Disassembling of the laying nest without any tool for an easy and fast inspection and cleaning
  • Feet in stainless steel
  • Available also in multi-tier configuration with intermediate catwalks
  • Thanks to the lifting gates on the front it is possible to keep the animals inside the system in the first weeks after the population. It is also possible to keep the animals closed even during the last days of the cycle to facilitate de-population operations
  • Area: Usable area 7,3 m2 (8,7 yd 2) per linear meter
  • Area Plus: Usable area 7,6 m2 (9,1 yd 2) per linear meter


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