• Length of each module: 2900 mm (114,2″)
  • Maximum ratio between usable area, feeding space and perches
  • Drinking lines in front of each nest
  • All the usable area on the system in wire mesh with manure belt underneath
  • All eggs laid on the equipment will be collected thanks to the main egg belts behind the nest or thanks to the system egg belts on the top tiers
  • The workforce has excellent overview and easy inspection of the system thanks to the central walkway and optimum location of the various levels
  • Automatic expeller of the hens from the nest with gearbox motor and rocking function
  • Disassembling of the laying nest without any tool for an easy and fast inspection and cleaning
  • Perfect location of feeding and drinking to stimulate the movement of the hens through the floors without blocking the access to the laying nest
  • Feet in stainless steel
  • Usable area: 23,2 m² (27,7 yd ) per linear meter


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