• Length of each module: 2900 mm (114.2″)
  • The workforce has an excellent overview and easy inspection of the system thanks to the possibility to enter on both sides
  • All the tiers are equipped with laying nests, feed troughs and drinkers.
  • The nests are equipped with vertical striped curtains on all sides to prevent any possibility of choking the birds.
  • The nests are not continuous and the birds can move freely in the system.
  • The mats are designed by VALLI in a plastic net to prevent the stack of manure above them
  • All the eggs are collected in each tier on a central egg belt.
  • Expeller system for the laying nests not needed
  • Feet in stainless steel
  • Available also in multi-tier configuration with intermediate catwalks
  • Usable area: 2 tiers: 4,47 m2 (5,35 yd2) per linear meter
  • Usable area: 3 tiers: 6.15 m2 (7,36 yd2) per linear meter

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