Belt 10


Belt Clean Multi-Tier System with or without Catwalks for 6 tiers or more

  • The “Be.10” models ensure maximum reliability and ease of operation; they guarantee the very highest standardsof welfare to ensure optimum production.
  • Thanks to the WIRE PARTITIONS, the birds have excellent air ventilation and optimum light conditions.
  • The CAGE DOORS, with both partial and full opening alternatives, have no corners or sharp edges thanks to the plastic profiles mounted on the front of the partitions.
  • The FLOATING FLOOR is tilted 7° to allow the eggs to roll down more easily.
  • The PARTITIONS prevent the eggs remaining on vertical wires while the PROTECTION BAFFLE protects the eggs and is ergonomic for the chickens; it can be perforated for shortening the birds’ claws on request.
  • Each section has a stainless-steel, double-nipple, push-action system available for the birds to ensure reliable and constantly available drinking water.
  • All the B.E.10 models are available with or without pipes for drying the chicken manure.


  • PRECISE: extremely accurate feed distribution,
  • RELIABLE: thanks to its durability,
  • FAST: it improves installation times for the fitters,
  • ECONOMICAL: no feed waste,
  • EFFECTIVE: support the Valli Service trolley used in maintenance and the population/depopulation operations,
  • SAFE: no corners or sharp edges,
  • PROTECTIVE: as a guardrail to avoid possible damage that may be caused by the trolley used loading or unloading of the birds,
  • STRONG: self supporting feed trough 1 mm thick are supplied on all length and all tiers of cages.


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