• Length of each module: 3008 mm (118 7/16″). Support frame every 1504 mm (59 3/16″)
  • Each floor equipped with:
    • 2 Egg laying nests
    • 2 flat chain feed lines accessible from both sides
    • 2 Drinking lines
    • 1 LED lighting line
    • 2 egg belts, 25 cm wide
  • Egg laying nest positioned at the center of the colony, outlined by removable curtains to facilitate entry and exit
  • Cover of the outer egg channel used as a usable area
  • External tilting perches to facilitate the movement of the birds between the various levels
  • Maximum ratio between usable area, feeding space and perches.
  • Manure belts on all tiers
  • Feet in stainless steel
  • The external perches also act as “guard-rails” that protect the equipment along the corridors
  • Dimmable LED lights on the corridors, under and inside the colonies
  • With or without air tube for manure drying without any increase of the size of the equipment
  • Thanks to the lifting gates on the front it is possible to keep the animals inside the system in the first weeks after the population. It is also possible to keep the animals closed even during the last days of the cycle to facilitate de-population operations
  • Available also in multi-tier configuration with intermediate catwalks
  • USA Plus, Usable area per linear meter: 5,2 m² (6,2 yd  ) on 2 tiers
  • USA, Usable area per linear meter: 7,3 m² (8,7 yd  ) on 3 tiers
  • USA: The same design of the USA Plus with a wire mesh roof and without 2 feeding/perches lines on top


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