To facilitate the control and management of the equipment by personnel, Valli provides INTERMEDIATE CATWALKS with one or more platform levels on the SYSTEM MACHINE.

The “catwalk” is available for all the models, up to the 6-tier model, with 3 lower tiers and 3 upper tiers. Galvanised steel grating panels are available these have an air flow of over 90% or alternatively galvanised, perforated steel frames that allow  50% air flow.
All the walkways and covers have a sign indicating payload.

The VALLI SELF-SUPPORTING FEED TROUGH is made of 1 mm thick Zeta 275 galvanised steel with a smart, multi-function rail. Easy to install and long-lasting it can be used both for the hopper feeder and the flat chain feeder. It prevents feed waste and is sturdy enough to protect the equipment from unwanted knocks and can transform into rails along which the hoppers, inspection and service trolleys can run.

The combination of highly qualified design and use of the best components on the market ensure that the Vallisystems of automation and control are extremely reliable and can be customised according to our Client’s requirements.

The wiring diagrams and function boards are designed to incorporate modification or expansion in the future, even after a considerable time.

The people-carrier, inspection trolley is essential for a safe and proper management of the system. These trolleys travel along the outside rails of the feed troughs or special tracks present in all the Vallimodels.

To ensure optimum climate control Vallihas the latest and most technologically advanced systems for temperature control. The internal temperature of the housing is custom designed according to local climatic conditions and shed design.
The Valli production team looks after even the smallest details.
This is why our company provides the most advanced equipment currently available for the lighting systems: bulbs, high frequency neon lights, LED (light emitting diode) and lifting systems.