The equipment for pullets are multi-tier modular cages for battery farming, which are designed to house the chicks until sexual maturity when they will be transferred to facilities for laying hens.
The “Baby Belt 10” was created to respond to the need for the widest range of uses and combinations, so the farmer would be free to choose the very best solution.

It allows raising or lowering of the DRINKERS and floating FLOOR, with welded 19x19mm wire netting as standard on all tiers.
Thanks to this system all the tiers can be used for weaning.
The sliding doors have no corners or sharp edges to ensure protection and the safety of both workers and birds.

These doors can be opened in part and supplied with a horizontal pivot on request.
In addition to the SLIDING SYSTEM which features a square tube that can be moved up and down the nest side according to the age of the chicks, we also have a VERANDA-type cage.
The concept behind this design is to allow the bird’s total freedom and unrestricted access to the feed from the first to the last day.
The effectiveness of this solution is demonstrated by the birds’ welfare and low mortality rate.

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