As regards feeding, VALLI offers three systems that can be combined together according to the equipment in use and all are fully programmable. The VALLI FEED HOPPER is used with equipment for PULLETS, LAYING HENS and BREEDERS.
This patented system is unique and comprises independent hoppers, which run on the rounded, outer side of the troughs.
The system can be programmed to choose both the number of runs and the waiting period at the end of the forward run.
The hoppers have been carefully designed to avoid the feed being compressed or upset the mix of the feed.
VALLI also offers the “BIP BIP” series, a simple but efficient accessory that removes any left-over feed from parked elements.
In the equipment for pullets it is also possible to fill only those hoppers required as regards number and position and to leave empty the hoppers that are not required to observe the weaning plan.

On the other hand, the FLAT CHAIN system can be used for all the equipment – PULLETS, LAYING HENS and BREEDERS.
One multi-hopper tower for the feed for each row of cages is standard; two multi-hopper towers may be set up to divide the chain into two circuits and reduce the run time and feed selection.

Finally we have a SPIRAL feed system used to supply the feed dishes in the equipment for BROILERS and used as an additional feeding system for distribution onto the litter in the LAYING HENS ENRICHED Space Colony.
Silos up to 50 cubic metres are available for all the feeding systems, either alone or in tandem, with screw conveyors supplying up to 4500 kg per hour, depending on needs.