Our History

Who was Dr Roberto Valli?

Dr. Roberto Valli was born on the 27th of January 1924 in Galeata, a small village in the hills of “Romagna” near to the Tuscan border and Florence.
In the Thirties life in this part of Italy was still permeated of that “Renaissance” spirit full of experimentation and lively creativity which has forged so many artists.
The young Roberto took full advantage of this “spirit” by adding to his studies practical experiences in some of the many workshops of the area.
A certificate in mechanics and a degree in economics completed the polyhedric nature of Dr.Valli.
During the years just after the Second World War the wish and the need to “create”  and “manufacture” became almost a restless necessity and it did not take long for Dr. Valli’s talents to show.
The very early cage models were designed: Broiler cages at first, Layer cages a little later. It was a success.
“Valli” equipment is made strong and durable;  the technical solutions are original but yet simple and very effective.
The first Patents were issued and some of them are still in use today. 
More and more “Valli” equipment gains favor in the market.
Today, after more than 50 years of hard work and commitment, the “Valli” name is widespread Internationally thanks to the trust of our Customers, the quality of our Suppliers and the stimulus of our
Dr. Roberto Valli is promoter of a style “Made in Italy” based more than anything else on the passion and the love for what is done, which is the true and genuine spirit which is embedded in all “Valli” products.


Quality is a life style, not an advertising formula or an abstract concept.

It comes from an endless commitment, from experience, from the deep belief that only through quality it is possible to reach those goals that are the only guarantee for a balanced development of any activity. Valli has stuck to this principle for more than fifty years, engaged in a continuous effort and with no compromises, to the improvement of all the products and services offered to our Customers. Any decision, any technical solution, any details has been developed with this principle in mind.

Passion and Quality

They are the basic values of Valli S.r.l of Galeata, born thanks to Dr Roberto Valli’s work, a polyhedric businessman, capable to combine handmade attention of the detail with the typical quality of “made in Italy” style in his products.


Each component is subjected to a constant supervision by the company: a necessary process, in order to guarantee safety, solidity and quality on products, chosen to have a long lasting life.


Equipment can suit the customer’s needs. Thanks to the analysis of the customer’s specific characteristics, it is possible to find the most possible performing and correct solution.


The customers’ needs are translated into the best possible planning; interaction and ability to listen become the basic values for a smart and successful project.


Valli products are reliable, because created with the highest attention on detail, basing on a more than 50 years’ experience.


Solidity in Valli technologies comes from the choice of raw materials, which are always the most suitable and can guarantee the best results in every kind of climatic situation in order to last over time.


Valli offers not only equipment, but also a complete line of services, such as: drawings and layout projects, technical assistance and Know how, before, during and after the equipment installation, supervision and/ or teams for the full installation, spare parts supply, shipments and transport.

Deliveries and loadings

All parts and components of Valli equipment are packed paying the greatest attention.
Some pallets are reinforced and can be put one on top of the other in order to guarantee safety and match with the minimum room filled.
Each pallet is wrapped up with nylons so the goods are safe either before and during the transport up to their destination; in this way, if the material is stored on the farm site for a while before installation, it remains safe and protected.
The weight of each pallet is never above1500 kilos.
The electric panels and any fragile material is stocked in wood crates.
Each pallet and /or crate is marked clearly with a sticker so that the identification is easy and through the packing list supplied together with the goods and sent to the customer.

Commitment and experience

Functional, easy and reliable. Valli equipment still embodies the love for what we do and this is the real soul in all Valli products.