Laying hens

Multi-tier design to house laying hens

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Project Description

The equipment for laying hens is a multi-tier design to house the birds like all Valli technology.
The “B.E.10” models ensure maximum reliability and ease of operation; they guarantee the very highest standards of welfare to ensure optimum production.

Thanks to the WIRE PARTITIONS, the birds have excellent air ventilation and optimum light conditions. The CAGE DOORS, with both partial and full opening alternatives, have no corners or sharp edges thanks to the plastic profiles mounted on the front of the partitions.
Moreover, the FLOATING FLOOR is tilted 7° to allow the eggs to roll down more easily. The PARTITIONS prevent the eggs remaining on vertical wires while the PROTECTION BAFFLE protects the eggs and is ergonomic for the chickens; it can be perforated for shortening the birds’ claws on request.

Each section has a stainless-steel, double-nipple, push-action system available for the birds to ensure reliable and constantly available drinking water.
Furthermore, all the B.E.10 models are available with or without pipes for drying the chicken manure. The pyramid-shaped models EUROPA and TROPICAL are the last of the wide range of equipment; they have COMPLETE NESTS with no reduction in space at the back. They feature the same materials and the same attention to detail and quality as the B.E.10 models.