Valli satisfies the request for Aviary system for rearing with Volo BABY AREA.

Volo Baby area is provided with wide vertical sliding gates in order to allow total openings or semi- openings able to combine, in an easy way, all the possibilities of birds’ stay or exit from the equipment in the safest way.

  • Length of each module: 2900 mm (9′ – 6 3/16″)
  • Optimum ratio between usable area, feeding space and perches
  • All drinking lines adjustable in height
  • Lifting doors for easy access to the colony
  • Brooding begins on the 1st floor helping the operator in the daily inspection during the 1st few weeks of age
  • 1st floor access for easy inspection, cleaning and catching of the birds
  • Lifting and foldable platforms/terraces
  • Folding outside stepping rail and perches
  • Feet in stainless steel
  • Available outside ramps from floor to 1st level
  • Available with or without “pvc” duct for manure drying
  • Available also in double decker configuration
  • Usable area: 5.186 m2 (55.82 ft2) per linear meter

Download the technical sheet
Download the technical sheet (Russian)