Manure Drying systems


The air blowing mixing unit is designed according to the number of birds, in order to have a right air capacity to blow through the “pvc” air duct above each manure belt inside the system.

  • Manure drying directly on the system belts
  • Possibility of mixing internal and external air by separate intake shutters
  • Air intakes with filters
  • Available air intake filter unit
  • with automatic cleaning by
  • rotating brushes system
  • Best birds comfort due to
  • uniform air distribution inside
  • the house
  • Customized air ducts design

EOLO – Manure Drying

The EOLO manure drying tunnel is available in 4-8 tiers configuration and 2.0mts wide.

The manure is transported to the top of the tunnel and then spreaded on the plastic modular belt and dried by the warm air coming from the house blown trough the belt and manure.

  • High capacity per square meter of surface
  • Reliable belt drive system with no adjustment needed
  • Belt guide preventing sideways movement
  • Thick plastic modular belt allowing more than 20 cm of height of wet manure layer
  • No metal chains
  • Rotating filling belt station for evenly manure distribution lubrification free
  • Easy installation and setting
  • Reduced emission rate
  • Rigid Auger or Conveyor for removal of the dried manure