Egg Collection

In all the equipment for LAYING HENS and BREEDERS, the eggs roll down a floating floor
in wire-mesh with a slope of 6.5° – 7°degrees to the egg channels.
The self-cleaning egg belt supports are supplied as standard, while there is an optional cleaning system that will deliver a jet of air that is channelled over the eggs. In addition to the baffle for egg protection it is also possible to install a baffle-wire and the egg-stop wire.

There are two systems designed for egg collection:


The ONDA Egg Elevator consists of mini conveyors (egg feeders) that receive the eggs from the belts and through deflectors they distribute and convey them into the belt with little yellow hands. The little yellow hands bring the eggs to the upper level, to then descend on the forehead and unload the eggs on a rod conveyor or table thanks to the exit combs.

  • Movement by special plastic chain
  • Easy to wash
  • Rust free
  • Large collection capacity up to 20.000 eggs per hour
  • Low and easy maintenance, lubrication free
  • Simultaneous collection up to 12 tiers
  • Suitable for all types of cage and aviary systems
  • Easy installation and setting
  • Self synchronized system (Patent pending)
  • Standard speed of egg belt: 1.2 mts/min (4 ft/min)
  • With frequency converter: from 0.6 to 2 mts/min (2 to 6.5 ft/min)


The system is very simple and ensures very clean eggs thanks to only one transfer: from the transport belts directly onto the cross rod conveyor. The rod conveyor is lifted and accurately positioned, by one lift column on every row of cages plus one or more additional columns. The accuracy of the conveyor level is ensured by: sturdy lifting roller chain, precise microswitches, perfect synchronization controlled by a brake motor on the master column.

  • Collection tier by tier
  • Directly transfer from egg belt to
  • rod conveyor
  • Smaller footprint
  • Easy and Fast installation and
  • setting
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Standard speed of egg belt: 3.5mts/min (11.5 ft/min)
  • With frequency converter: from 1.5 to 6mts/min (5 to 19.5 ft/min)

Download the technical sheet
Download the technical sheet (Russian)