Volo Piramide
Volo Piramide Plus

I sistemi alternativi Volo Piramide e Volo Piramide Plus nascono per offrire un reale benessere agli animali grazie ad una ideale massimizzazione delle superfici utili. Risultati eccellenti per gli allevatori e

Volo Piramide and Volo Piramide Plus alternative systems are born to offer a real well-being for the animals thanks an ideal maximization of useful surfaces. Excellent results for breeders and simple management for operators.

Volo Piramide and Volo Piramide Plus, with the peculial descending terraced profile from the first floor at the bottom to the third floor at the top, offer the best guarantees for the daily mobility of the animals, thanks also to the precious positioning of mobile and self-supporting perches. Freedom, ergonomics and the utmost attention to eggs are the founding guidelines of the Volo Piramide project.

  • Length of each module: 2900 mm (9′ – 6 3 /16″)
  • Maximum ratio between usable area, feeding space and perches
  • Drinking lines in front of the nests
  • Excellent overview and easy inspection
  • Staggered terraces and foldable/self-supporting perches facilitate the movement of the animals between the various levels
  • Perfect location of feeding and drinking to stimulate the movement of the hens through the floors without blocking the access to the laying nest
  • Inspection trolleys on the nests side to inspect the top floor in total safety
  • Automatic expeller of the hens from the nest with rocking function
  • Disassembling of the laying nest for an easy inspection and cleaning
  • Feet in stainless steel
  • Available also in multi-tier configuration with intermediate catwalks
  • Usable area
    • Volo Piramide 2tiers: 5.58 m2 (56.83 ft2) per linear meter
    • Volo Piramide Plus 2tiers: 5.88 m2 (63.29 ft2) per linear meter

Download the technical sheet 2 tiers
Download the technical sheet 3 tiers
Download the technical sheet 2 tiers (Russian)
Download the technical sheet 3 tiers (Russian)