The combination of highly qualified design and use of the best components on the market ensure that the Valli systems of automation and control are extremely reliable and can be customised according to our Client’s requirements.

The wiring diagrams and function boards are designed to incorporate modification or expansion in the future, even after a considerable time. To ensure optimum climate control Valli has the latest and most technologically advanced systems for temperature control. The internal temperature of the housing is custom designed according to local climatic conditions and shed design.
The Valli production team looks after even the smallest details.
This is why our company provides the most advanced equipment currently available for the lighting systems: bulbs, high frequency neon lights, LED (light emitting diode) and lifting systems.


  • Excellent graphic environment with 65K colors, with the possibility of customizing the pages
  • Remote control from smartphone or PC via VNC Viewer or Galileo
  • «Egg shifting» management for equipment with nests
  • Configurable alarm management
  • Management of opening and closing work windows by controlling the position
  • Feed management: travelling feeders, flat chains, spirals
  • Management of augers, mechanical weighers and screener for feed and litter material
  • Management of windows even without electricity
  • Management of lights inside the equipment and corridors
  • Messaging management using Mqtt protocol (publisher, subscriber, broker)
  • Management of notifications on mobile phone and dedicated alarms (only if
  • connected via Galileo)
  • Egg collection management with the possibility to change the collection speed
  • Heating management
  • Management of temperature, humidity, Co2, and NH3 ammonia probes
  • Backup system in case of power failure the computer does not turn off
  • Spray cooling and pad cooling management
  • Management of tunnel, cross and combo ventilation and also chimneys
  • Operating Manual available on the computer
  • Ability to make changes or software updates based on customer’s specifications via USB
  • Data recording with the possibility of downloading on USB and then consult them on Excel
  • Fully configurable control system
  • Silos weight management system
  • Modular system with opto insulated inputs and with the possibility of being able to replace them very quickly if damaged
  • 3 to 9.7 inch resistive touch screen system
  • Supports “Opcua” both server and client